About Me

About Me

Jason owns a Fitness & Nutrition consulting company and is a Natural Health Advisor & Natural Supplement Broker for numerous supplement companies. 

Jason is one of the best Transformation Coaches in Canada. He has transformed thousands of people’s physiques. After 10 years of the ups & downs of dieting for competition, Jason was diagnosed with IBD & Ulcerative Colitis. The GI experts told him he would have his colon removed and live with a colostomy bag for the rest of his life and would be on medication so he fired them, did his research, hired some experts and with years of discipline and dedication cured himself. He has been symptom free for 5 years and has become a digestion expert helping so many people with Chron’s, colitis and other digestion diseases. He also lives a very healthy lifestyle using Biohacking and Anti-Aging techniques such as Infrared Sauna, Cold/Hot therapy, Meditation, Supplementation, Chelation Therapy & Blue Light glasses that allow his DNA to have his health in the condition of a 20 year old instead of someone more than double that age.

It all started when he played hockey from the age of 2 and then moved away from home at 14 to pursue a dream of becoming an NHL hockey star like most Canadian kids. He began training with weights in his parent’s basement after watching “Conan” and reading his 1st issue of Ironman magazine with you know who on the cover, you got it Arnold.

Skip 15 years into the future and he competed in his 1st ever “Drug Tested” bodybuilding competition and won 1st place. He had already became a personal trainer and was studying nutrition at AU. He went on to compete in 15 competitions in 10 years. In 2007 he won overalls at the Southern’ s as a bantamweight by beating all weight classes and then the Canadian Nationals making him a Canadian National Champion bodybuilder. In 2009, he earned an IDFA Pro Card for winning the overalls again beating everyone up to and over 220 lbs and also competed in the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio and got to meet his hero backstage. His final competition was the IDFA Pro show in 2012.

Jason has also judged Bodybuilding, Fitness, Fitness Model, Muscle Model, Figure and Bikini Model competitions and has worked as a Head Judge & a Judge for the IDFA, NPAA, INBF and WBFF. He was the head judge in Alberta for the IDFA and judging panel from 2008-2014. Jason also coached the IDFA conditioning and competition camps from 2010-2014.

He believes that the human body is designed to eat organic foods that are free from chemicals and non-GMO. He recommends clean non-allergen foods which when entering the body are treated as an antigen and the body takes necessary precautions to rid them from the body and if necessary attack the invader. Jason also believes in eating foods that "Alkalize" the body and create more oxygen and less Acid or "Acidity" in the body. "Disease cannot function in an alkaline body; it cannot thrive in that environment."

Jason has a B.Sc. degree in Human Science from AU, received a Food and Nutrition Management diploma from S.A.I.T, studied Physical Education-Fitness Leadership and Business Administration at Mount Royal College and also studied Sports Nutrition in the PFT program at MRC. He is a registered massage therapist (RMT) and a certified strength and conditioning coach through the AFLCA.

Jason is here to assist you in reaching your goals and getting you the results that you want at any age. He has developed a system that is designed individually for each person but works for everyone.

One of his favorite quotes stands true today; “There is no money in health, the money is in sickness”. Unless you want to be dependent on the big pharmaceutical industries, you had better make the time for your health now or you will make time for sickness later on in life!

To create health & wellness, the body you want, achieving and maintaining health and wellness along with the body & mind requires education, passion, discipline and work ethic. 80-90% of your results will be based on nutrition, the foods that you use to fuel and assist your body in recovery. If you only focus on the exercise portion, which many people do, you will continue to bounce up and down with your results. Once you combine a solid nutrition plan and exercise, the results come instantly and last forever. You can look any way that you want to look at any age, if you can focus on your nutrition, health & wellness, body & mind connection and exercise.

If you are interested in working with Jason please sign up on one of his programs under packages.